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Paula Shene

Loved the article, as I could totally relate to the comic side. My first spendable allowance was used on a weekly fix of Classical comics @ 15 cents a pop out of 25 cent stipend, 5 cents spent on penny candy and the other 5 cents saved for the following week so I could get two more Classics - I went on to read the actual books, but the pictorial always held a fascination because of my love of drawing. I branched out into action comics and then horror. I still read comics and graphic novels along with marketing and health care and popular fiction and some not so.
I have yet to entangle myself with fan fiction, because of time constraints, but I understand some students of this category outstripped their masters.
Thanks, for a time out in my schedule to enjoy and remember those balmy summer months where days were spent in speeding along on bikes down to local fishing docks and nights curled up reading and enjoying the eye catching pictures.

Tim Sunderland

No problem. Glad I could help.

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