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Rosanne Dingli

Thank you, Tim - this gave me something to chew on. I need to twist my new novel around, and you gave me a turntable!!

Rosanne Dingli

I've shared this on FB, if that's okay by you.

Tim Sunderland

No problem. Thanks.


Hi, Tim. Enjoyed the blog. You make some great points. I'd like to add one more villain to your list. The Protagonist/Villain: the MC who has definite criminal/sinister leanings; a difficult personality; and yet, has the ability to win over the reader's heart and mind. The antagonist in such a story would have to be someone or something even worse to overcome. This might sound like a situational villain except that his/her sinister side does not necessarily stem from without, but rather within his/her own mind. Thanks for making my brain work this morning.

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